Ohio Insurance Agent Information – Great Insurance Brokerage Opportunity

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Ohio insurance agent’s information facts reveal the insurance brokerage opportunity to be top notch. In fact Ohio insurance agents rank among the highest in the nation.

After yearly extensive factual internal research, it is determined how state insurance reps are ranked. In all over 30 different criteria guidelines are considered. For the second year in a row, insurance agent information shows Ohio has maintained it hold as a prime state for recruiting insurance representatives and for insurance agents to sell their products. Overall five of the top insurance brokerage opportunity states are located in the Midwestern area.

Of these states, Ohio rates tops, as the best of the Midwest. The Ohio insurance agents rank as 4th among all states in the nation. This means Ohio gets thumbs up for recruiters to find great brokerage agents to respond to offers to sell their insurance and use their insurance orientated products. Rarely are smart recruiters here disappointed with their marketing attempt. Instead they consider Ohio a state with great insurance brokerage potential. The feedback from marketing firms has been overwhelming favorable for over 20 years straight.

Ohio has also been a solid state for insurance reps. Their turnover, although high, is lower than most states.The amount of Ohio insurance agents per thousand people population is right where it should be, at about 3.5 representatives. Ohio has also lowered the total unionized workers each year. At the same time there is are an increasing amount of businesses emerging with one to four employees. That makes for an improved selling environment for insurance brokerage opportunities.


The answer for Ohio insurance reps is geography. It shares a certain trait with Florida, California, and Texas. These are the states that rate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. None of the four other Midwestern states in the top ten ranking have this same trait. So what is this key factor assisting success? My insurance information data points to having Four or more metropolitan cities.

Michigan and Illinois each have only one major metropolitan area, Detroit and Chicago. When you think of Wisconsin and Minnesota usually, only two come to mind. These large metropolitan areas consume around 60% of the entire insurance representative base. It is a know fact that large metropolitan areas are where independent marketing firms and large insurance career companies concentrate on getting their market share. At least 80% of their recruiting budgets, plus mailing and advertising costs are spent there. The agents are overly hammered. This means insurance reps frequently ending up not very loyal to either career companies or marketing firms.

Ohio has the dynamic combination of four major geographic areas. This dynamic combination can overwhelm virtually any odds or competitors that get in the way. This geographic factor makes it hard for a particular insurer, or marketing firm to monopolize the entire state. Therefore, an Ohio insurance agent avoids the bombardment of advertising for their selling skills. Of course, the four larger metropolitan areas containing Ohio insurance representatives are Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Where do you set up your recruiting operation? Insurance agent information indicates that local recruiters and managing general agents rarely break the mold, overwhelmingly staying inside their metropolitan comfort zone. Focusing insurance brokerage outside the metropolitan limits leaves out considerable competition for contracting a high quality Ohio insurance agent.


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